extremely careful while taking such pills as they might make you feel drowsy. Prevention is better than cure. It is better to overcome the moment of fear before it becomes uncontrollable. Thanks to modern-day researchers, we have a variety of panic attack treatments, available in the form of effective medications and psychotherapy. The more you try to resist feeling anxious, the more you feel so. So, just accept that you are anxious. Make your own decisions. Do not let the fear influence your decisions. And it will never

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be able to trigger a panic attack while driving. How to Prevent Swallowing Air Swallowing air, also known as aerophagia, is a common complaint that leads to excess burping and belching. Read on to know how to prevent swallowing air. TAGGED UNDER: Bloating Advertisement One of the most common inadvertent activities we do is swallow air, which leads to a condition known

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